See how to improve maintenance in theme parks, water parks, and carnivals. Now using the power of mobile technologies, the management of field worker involved in amusement rides and assets maintenance it's not longer an issue!

Are you able The "Big" Challenge of Amusement parks during operation is to find the right balance beetween cost and performance ...Definetely not an easy goal...Now possible with Opera Amusement!

Our latest interview with Eng. Mario Savini, General Manager at Remorides, Italy. Introducing a quick look on Opera system main features during IAAPA Show in Orlando, USA. 

Are you able to keep track of maintenance tasks in your park? Discover the revolutionary features of our Opera system.

Technology changes our lives every day, right in front of us, many things that only a few years ago were unthinkable, are reality today.

Latest interview at IAAPA Show 2016 with Remorides R&D Manager, Marco Begotti.

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