Digital Assistant for on-site NDT Report Generation

Save time with our On-site NDT digital Report Generator

Spending hours in the office to create your NDT Reports? Now you can solve this issue with Opera NDT, where reports are generated automatically from the data you collect on the field during your tests.

Thanks to the dematerialisation of documents, Opera Audit for NDT allows you to collect data and perform on-site operations efficiently and quickly using your smartphone, delivering complete digital reports ready anytime, anywhere.

  • Enter the Web Platform on your pc and create your NDT digital reports in your original format. With Opera NDT you can generate them in the exact same format you are already using.
  • Schedule NDT activities and send them to your smartphone/tablet. The NDT App will receive all NDT tasks previously created via Web App.

Our solution is designed specifically to assist you and simplify your daily challenges when it comes to NDT reporting:

  • Enter the smartphone App and execute the tasks. Perform your NDT tests as usual and fill in all data and information needed, write notes, and take pictures…
  • Once testing is over, just synchronise the smartphone with the server. Enter the web app to print your NDT reports and it’s DONE! Now you can send a complete report document to your client or provide him with “guest access” to your database so they can download their own reports, sparing you lots of time.

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