Service and Maintenance industry

Manage industrial plant maintenance with Opera Industry

The efficiency, reliability and safe operation of machines and plants are factors that cannot be left to chance. Our platform allows industrial maintenance to be tracked at all stages and ensures a safe and reliable working environment.

With Opera Industry, maintenance standards are set, tracked and constantly verified thanks to the integrated and fully digitised work cycle. From task planning to task assignment to maintenance teams via real-time comparison with corporate KPIs, Opera Industry is what you need to increase productivity and extend the life of critical assets.

  • Visual maintenance checklists
  • Registration of nonconformities and assignment of follow-up activities
  • Parts catalog on web app and mobile app

Does your business involve building or delivering machines or plants? Our Service 4.0 solution helps you grow by generating value in technical support and offering customers optimal support and communication.
Opera makes available the technical documents of the assets delivered to the customer and prescribes mandatory preventive maintenance activities. In addition, with our Opera IoT hub you can intercept problems before service unavailability is generated. Generate loyalty to your customers and efficiency in managing your field staff through exclusive features and benefits:

  • Opera portal branding with your company logos and colors
  • Platform access for your end customers
  • Ticket creation for service requests directly from customers via the mobile app or web portal
  • Real Time Machine Status Monitoring

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