Can I record my own content in Opera?

Yes. When we provide you access to the system, we assist in optimizing and structuring your content to adapt it in the best way possible in a digital environment, so you can easily manage and go through with it.
After we train you can fully administer your platform and subsequently create and edit content in it.

Can I create activities/tasks/work orders?

Yes, with Opera you can create any kind of checklist from the simplest to the more advanced Task Management feature, where you can create, receive, and complete work orders on the fly and attach images and comments to communicate clearly with colleagues.

Is there a limit to the amount assets, checklists, and content I can have in the system?

You can create an unlimited number of assets, an unlimited number of checklists, disk space on our secure Cloud starts at 50 GB, additional space can be purchased if necessary.

What’s the price for the system?

As a standard, the annual fee for cloud solutions is based and scaled on the number and type of user licenses. You can contact us at sales@remorides.com to receive price list quote based on the number of user requested.

How is implementation in the company?

Implementation in the company is a quick and simple process. It is normally completed in a couple of weeks, or even less in the case of Cloud service activation.

Will the investment pay off?

With Opera system you quickly increase efficiency in the management of your operations within your company. In our experience, you save 15% to 25% of the time for paper management and the execution of business procedure, and around 10% time for more efficient disposition of planned work.

What is the sales policy?

Software licenses are available for subscription plans in the PROFESSIONAL version, using the Remorides Cloud service. In the ENTERPRISE version, you can choose the Cloud service option with a license subscription plan, or the on-premises option (using a dedicated customer server) with a perpetual license.

How can traceability be exploited in the company?

Improving traceability and the quality level of operations helps your company reduce downtime and the number of complaints. With Opera, the control chain from service manager to technicians will be more effective. This will result in a clear benefit for customer satisfaction and stronger market positioning.

Is the app available on Android and IOS?

Yes Opera mobile app is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. And on the App Store for IOS Iphone and Ipad operating systems.

Can I brand the platform for my company?

Of course you can brand it with company color logos.

Is there a free trial?

Yes you can activate a 30-day free trial at the following link.

Can I create my own content in Opera?

Yes. When access to the system is provided, you can already populate the platform.
Or you can request additional training to support you in optimizing and structuring your content and adapting it to the digital environment, so that you can easily manage and maintain it.
Once your content has been entered, you can fully administer your platform and subsequently create and edit content independently.

Why choose Opera Industry out of all software?

Completeness is definitely our winning feature. In fact, Opera has deep roots in maintenance management, also determined by the possibility of creating highly evolved and detailed checklists and control lists, but at the same time offers easy and complete management of all asset documents.
In addition, the system interfaces with other management systems and also allows the connection of machines to monitor parameters and operation.

Do you have a partner programme?

Yes, to enquire about the Partner Programme please see this link.

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