Food and beverage industry

Integrate operations, improve performance and ensure product quality

Ensuring the safety of food products at all stages of processing is a complex challenge. Opera Industry makes it possible to achieve, among other benefits, that of reducing safety risks, optimizing asset management and improving asset utilization with guided procedures.

Keep track of internal and external business processes of the entire food product lifecycle, management of production resources, scheduling of production activities, and production data collection, not to mention the Industry 4.0 connection of production facilities.

  • No more paper forms or reports
  • Offline functionality on all mobile devices
  • Integration with enterprise software

Perform food safety audits, process and quality audits, hygiene, personnel or safety audits and much more.

  • Quick standardised checklists
  • Customised inspection plans to ensure compliance with food safety certification standards on an ongoing basis
  • 100% visibility and transparency

Case Studies