The innovative system designed to perform mobile inspections

Go from paper to digital reporting for your certifications and quality control
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Cost reduction

Save time and money by simplifying the maintenance and safety inspection of your assets. We provide you with a centralized digital system for scheduling and submitting work orders and reporting.

Paperless procedures

Increase productivity by leveraging digital checklists and automatic reports. Cloud services ensure speed and high performance, while the smartphone app allows you to have the technical office just a click away.

Real-time monitoring

With mobile workflows, you can manage your team anytime, anywhere. Working in the field has never been easier: synchronize data and follow progress in real time. Your team will always be updated on ongoing activities.

The ultimate solution for digitalization of mobile inspections and integrated reporting management

Make the most of a technology designed to meet the daily challenges of companies and professionals who offer certification services in areas such as quality, energy, environment and safety.

Digitalized procedures

Eliminate paper by archiving project documents and related interventions in one simple but powerful environment. Electronic documents and technical personnel are at the heart of the management of this system which finally allows for the integrated coordination of both field and office activities.
Take advantage of common smartphones with the native Opera App to automate field inspections. Fill in and generate intervention reports, certificates or administrative reports with one click, absolutely faithful to your company format.

Plan, run, and verify

Schedule a mobile audit, assign the assessment template to an inspector who will fill it in directly in the field with the App. Track its evolution inside and outside the company, including electronic approval and certificate issuance, always remaining in the same digital environment.

The ultimate solution for digitalization of inspections and integrated reporting management

Make the most of a technology designed to meet the daily challenges of companies and professionals who offer certification services in areas such as quality, energy, environment and safety.

Opera audit features

Document archive

Centralize the technical documentation of your projects, customers, orders or generic assets on servers (in the company or on the cloud) in a clear and orderly tree. Add any type of multimedia file (photo, video, audio) or document (text, manual, CAD drawing) to describe each object in the tree. Share all this information with your field staff members, assigning different visibility according to your needs.

Work order management

Create your work orders from the web console by associating them with your assets and the document template to be used. Assign them to staff and follow their progress. Once the work in the field is completed, the document goes through the review and finally approval phase. Whether it's a periodic audit, a certification or a routine inspection, Opera Audit is always able to support you. In day-to-day use it is the control center for projects, personnel and work progress.

Inspections in your document format

Take advantage of the maintenance and inspection plan with visual checklists to support and simplify interventions with a faster learning curve and better safety results.
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Smartphone checklist

Implement your own controls and procedures with step-by-step checklists for field personnel. Each outcome is recorded on the central server together with the most important information: who performed the check, the time and date, but also the GPS position. In this way the report and traceability are automatic and very accurate.
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Machine monitoring (optional)

With the Opera Audit monitoring module you can connect to your instruments or plants by exploiting the versatility of the OPC protocol or by adding sensors to the critical points of the process. The monitoring and logging of parameters (alarms, hours worked, parameters, etc.) allows you to know the status of the machines but also to set predictive maintenance for the plants.
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Integrated messaging

With Opera Audit you have a professional corporate social network, which unifies the management and logging of instant messages as well, organizing them in the same collaborative environment. In this way you will no longer have to reconstruct the history of field activities, recovering information from notes, emails or messages exchanged between phones, but you will have everything enclosed in Opera.

Opera audit features

Improve operational efficiency

In-house implementation is a quick and easy process, typically completed within a few weeks depending on the number of people and inspection patterns. Opera Audit does not change the business workflow but digitizes what was previously made up of paper documents.

How much does opera audit cost?

Opera Audit costs less than you think! It is available in three versions: Professional, Business and Enterprise to best fit your budget.
The licenses are available for rent in the Professional and Business versions, and are activated on the Remorides Cloud. In the Business version, on the other hand, it is possible to choose both a Cloud installation with a rental license and an on-premises installation (i.e. on the customer’s company servers) with a perpetual license.
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Will the investment pay off?

Immediate savings

Make the management of your operational activities efficient, whether they are in the factory or externally. Save 15% to 25% in paper handling time, depending on how burdensome your business processes are. Avoid wasted time, misunderstandings and rework. Carry out on-the-job training and increase the productivity of your staff thanks to simple and detailed procedures to follow step by step.

Structural savings

Increase the level of traceability and overall quality of your field services to improve your market positioning and reduce customer complaints for non-conforming work. Thanks to the digitization of data on the Database, it allows you to search the history and monitor the performance (KPI) of the single project, group or company.

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