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Management of security equipments ready for legal requirements

The system designed to perform paperless company security audits and inspections.
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Why choose Opera Safety


Service efficiency

Save time and money by digitising the assignment of tasks and performance of safety inspections in your company. Opera Safety provides companies with a comprehensive list of checklists based on the various applicable technical standards, to perform all monitoring and control activities on installations.

Digitised procedures

Ensures clear, fast and secure information, sharing, quality of interventions by your operators through digital procedures and comprehensive automatic reports. With our Cloud services you get speed and high performance, while the smartphone App puts all information at your fingertips.

Security and reliability

Plan, record, evidence and take necessary adjustment actions. Each step is guided step by step to ensure effective execution. Ensuring immediate resolution of problems and provable of activities in the face of possible legal disputes or audits. Top management peace of mind has never been easier.

The complete solution for digitising supervision and control of security equipment

Get the most out of technology designed to meet the daily challenges of companies and professionals providing certification services in areas such as quality, energy, environment and safety.

Safety Equipment reorganised

Organise security-related equipment in a tree view structure that reflects your functional and geographical organisation.
Hand over a mobile device to the operators of the inspection team and assign the inspection to be carried out easily and in real time

Visual inspection plan

Inspection plan with visual checklists for a faster learning curve and better safety results.

The complete solution for digitising supervision and control of security equipment

Trai il massimo da una tecnologia studiata per raccogliere le sfide quotidiane di aziende e professionisti che offrono servizi di certificazione in ambiti quali qualità, energia, ambiente e sicurezza.

Opera Safety functionalities

Asset Management

Centralise the documentation of your safety devices on a certified server, organised in a clear and orderly tree that maps equipment and resources. Opera allows you to easily upload, archive, catalogue and consult all your documents or multimedia files.

Maintenance and Inspections

Create digital checks for your safety systems or other assets. Whether it is an inspection checklist or preventive maintenance, Opera will always support at all times. Opera will be the control centre for your assets and your workforce.


The system automatically creates a non-compliance ticket to keep track of a failed inspection pass. This makes it easier not to miss any problems encountered.

Approval and Signature

In a multi-layered organisation, the best practice is to have two levels of approvals, so that a management figure can review and approve the work done in the field.


Connect your devices with the power of OPC technology or add new sensors at critical points that you want to monitor in real time. You'll always know the status of your equipment: alarms, working hours, energy, speed... and even predictive maintenance is enabled!


Forget management shortcomings! Opera allows the corporate security equipment management team to have a new level of control and monitoring of their work. A new dashboard can easily be added to implement customised KPIs.

Le funzioni di Opera Safety

Responsible every day, Always safe

Opera Safety the first system specifically designed to perform paperless company safety audits and inspections.

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