The digital transformation of theme park maintenance to raise and improve ride safety


Park maintenance in the Amusement field has always been a very complex challenge. SELA, the Saudi Arabian leader in the entertainment sector, has numerous attractions of various types from the most classic to the most adrenaline-fuelled and sophisticated that require regular maintenance to ensure the highest level of safety.

Before the introduction of Opera Amusement, installation and dismantling phases, inspection processes prior to the opening of the park, and routine and extraordinary maintenance, were managed by exchanging paper documents and referring to the capacity of the technicians, making it difficult to keep track of any problems and their resolutions.

What does Opera do for the amusement park?

Opera carefully manages the technical documentation and the maintenance and inspection activities of the attractions, supporting the technical teams in the field on a daily basis to prevent downtime and ensure the highest safety standards.

Each operation is tracked along with the recording of photos or videos that remain as objective evidence of the work done in the field. The use of guided and rigorous procedures has the double advantage of making the team more responsible and leaving a record of all the operations carried out in the event of any problem or in the event of inspection by control bodies.


The implementation of Opera has defined a new way of working that has made it possible to centralize all ride technical data information, track issues and monitor maintenance process, solve typical daily operations and inspection tasks faster, while improving communication with operators and technicians through guided checklist and reduce the time spent on back-office work which is now automated. Last but not least, no more paper is produced at SELA, a conscious and sustainable choice in favor of climate change.

Benefits of Opera Amusement

Opera Amusement has enabled the park to stay two steps ahead in the management of its operations, with comprehensive, real-time information at its fingertips. Among the benefits obtained, it is worth mentioning the optimised communication with staff to cope with any critical issues and avoid costly and unexpected breakdowns with predictive maintenance based on attraction usage and historical data collected. Moreover, Opera has enhanced safety across rides and attractions.