Opera Industry helps implement advanced customer service (Service 4.0)


This is how Opera Industry assists in the realisation of Service 4.0 in one of the leading companies in the construction of weirs and grates, used for the collection and treatment of water in reclamation and irrigation works, hydroelectric plants, and lifting and purification plants for primary and waste water.

Service 4.0 from design to after-sales

Opera’s platform was chosen to manage machines that are produced starting from the acquisition of the work order up to testing on site and at the customer’s premises, as well as after-sales service. Thanks to its all-in-one Opera Industry platform, it is in fact possible to make available to customers:

  • documentation of delivered machines
  • the possibility to request technical assistance via the platform portal
  • telemetry and the history of sensor and actuator data

How does it work?

All installation, testing, remote device telemetry and inspection procedures have been digitised with Opera to ensure efficient and complete management. All intervention reports in company format are available for sharing with a simple click.

And through dedicated customer access, an evolved customer service (Service 4.0) with machine and document data sharing has been realized. An effective answer when it comes to offering efficient and quality after-sales support throughout the life cycle of machines.

Benefits of Opera Industry

Business processes related to work orders are all on the same platform, fully digitised, including history. Traceability and ease of management are greatly increased. In addition, the workflow also includes technicians in the field, so thanks to Opera, efficiency and the ability to have the status of jobs under control in real time have increased.