Opera Industry and SPAC technology for electrical design with the aim of managing technical activities in the field


Opera4SPAC is an innovation in the CAD world born from the integration of SPAC technology for electrical design and Opera Industry technology for managing technical activities in the field.

In addition to being a success story, Opera4SPAC is also a plug-in to the powerful electrical CAD SPAC available to all holders of a valid CAD update and maintenance subscription.

CAD transcends office boundaries

Thanks to the Opera4SPAC plug-in, now those who draw the circuit diagram can easily and in real time send all tables to smartphones connected to the platform’s Cloud space without ever leaving the CAD environment.

But that’s not all, the technician in the field reports all changes and notes to the circuit diagram tables from his smartphone, using photos, video footage, audio or even drawing freehand on the screen, thus bringing them into the same environment where they reach the designer in a single integrated loop. A revolutionary operation for coordinating designers and technicians out in the field.

How does it work?

1. The designer develops the circuit diagram and creates all the necessary documentation in SPAC. At the end of the job, or whenever he sees fit, he decides to send the diagrams to the field technician. At this point he synchronises the job, so the dynamic PDF of the diagram arrives on the Opera Industry Cloud space.

2. In the field, through the Opera Industry App it is possible to consult the circuit diagram that has synchronised with the Opera Cloud. When there are indications that the cabler or installer wants to give to the planner, these are entered directly on the circuit diagram tables by writing or drawing on the smartphone displaying the graphic or textual indications, which in a few moments are sent to the cloud.

3. The annotations on the circuit diagram marked on the smartphone are viewed by the designer, who can then revise the table and send the update to the technician in the field, even in real time.

4. The user in the field can also consult the parts list of the circuit diagram, including codes and quantities per panel or section.

Benefits of OPERA4SPAC

Changes are always under control. Thanks to Opera4SPAC, interactions are not lost in improvised communication channels (email, whatsapp, paper notes, phone calls, etc.) but are channelled into a single communication channel that keeps track of every step.
The speed of iterations increases exponentially. Sending the schematic, receiving it from the engineer, feedback to the designer, a possible new revision of the schematic and resubmission to the engineer are operations that can take place in minutes instead of hours or days. Even if the site is on the other side of the world.