Opera Industry helps make the reading and management of data in production more efficient


A leading Italian company in the production of electrical cables insulated in silicone rubber resistant to high and low temperatures entrusted Opera Industry with the integration of the machine-management production process, abandoning standard methods. This made it possible to obtain the benefits under the INDUSTRIA 4.0 plan.

Opera Industry modernises and transforms the production process

The renovation of 6 production lines was the opportunity to introduce a new on-board machine control (HMI) which, via an internally installed OPC server, communicates with the production lines.

Opera HUB, the Opera Industry module that allows the connection with the machines, reads the data from the OPC Server and stores them within the Opera DB. It is thus possible to plot production quantities (in real time or to graph the history), alarms in progress and, by means of a dedicated dashboard, display aggregated data as well as production performance (OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Benefits of Opera

At each job start, which occurs with the operator’s machine start, Opera historicises the data in a digital sheet containing ALL the data characterising the product and subsequent traceability (verification, research, control…). The evolution of orders can be managed either via the web or by smartphone directly in the company.

Integrations with company systems and automation

Thanks to the connection with the company ERP, Opera Industry makes it possible to automatically upload production data directly from the management system, allowing the platform, at the end of the job, to return all production data (time/consumable) to automate the logistics process.